Going Through With Divorce?

66% of divorced couples are childless

Have you decided that divorce or separation is the next step for you? Are you unsure of how the divorce process works? Are you concerned that you will not know how much divorce will cost or who is required to pay for a divorce or separation? Do you wish to keep the conflict to a minimum as well as the price and the financial toll on your family and children?
divorce consultation

Divorce Consultation

The consultation route is best suited for people that would like to file for divorce, or legal separation, and want a team of divorce experts to guide them through it. As your consultation team, we prepare all of the legal filings for you, assist you in completing your court required financial disclosures, and analyze your financial information to help you present the best settlement offer to your spouse.

Within the process, you have access to both a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst and an Attorney; this allows you to formulate settlement terms that make both legal and financial sense.

How We Help

Our Divorce Consultation process involves giving individuals the resources they need at reasonable price with the highest level of expertise needed for their unique situation.

Divorce Help Family Law will help you through each step of the process, with a structured approach to help you understand the division of assets as well as support calculations and your legal benchmarks. You will get timelines, guidelines and prices so you know exactly what to expect. We use your resources wisely and point you in the direction of a successful negotiation with your spouse.

We guide you every step of the way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I know exactly what I am being charged for?
Yes, we work on a flat fee, not a retainer, so you always know exactly how much it will cost.

Do I need an attorney?
No, you don’t. Our divorce consultation process gives you access to an attorney to give you legal guidance. The attorney is part of your advisory team, and does not represent you. This way, you do not have to disclose to your spouse that you are working with an attorney if you choose not to. If you wish to retain an attorney on your own, or work in conjunction with an attorney you have already retained, you may do so.

Do you do the court paperwork, or do I need to have it done elsewhere?
Yes, we handle all of the drafting, filing, and service of the necessary court paperwork. We can also do the required agreements and forms for retirement division.

Can you help me understand Child Custody and Support options?
Yes, if you have children you will have time included to meet with a Parenting Plan Coordinator to discuss different custody options, and how to make the transition as easy on your children as possible. You will also discuss support scenarios and options with the CDFA.

Will you help me create an offer to present to my spouse?
Yes. The divorce consultation service includes helping you to formulate an offer that works for you to send to your spouse. If accepted, the terms can be drafted into your Marital Settlement Agreement.

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