How Divorce Affects Children and How You Can Help Them Through the Process

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We all know divorce is painful but we often forget about how divorce affects children. Trying to see the situation from their perspective will help you guide them through this very difficult and intense period of their life. The most important step is the way you and the other parent will break the news. But [...]

Divorce: When Do We Divide the Retirement Fund?

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If you’re going through or planning on a divorce, it’s important to ensure the separation or sharing of all assets involved is handled smoothly and fairly, and when the time comes to divide the retirement fund, this is especially true. In the later years, income and opportunities may be harder to come by, and as [...]

5 Ways A Divorce Financial Planner Can Save Your Future

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Chances are, if you’re going through a divorce, or thinking about getting one, you’re dealing with enough emotional stress, so it’s important to acquire the services of a divorce financial planner to take as much of the hassle out of the divorce process as possible. Not convinced? Here are five reasons to consider a divorce [...]

Why Should You Read Your Divorce Agreement?

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Divorce agreement exist : To protect both parties, their children, and their property from various factors up to, throughout, and after a divorce. When it comes to important aspects of a relationship like resources, residences, children, and other crucial parts of life, it is important to have a plan in place, so that they may be [...]

You’re Thinking About Divorce? Now What?

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You are thinking about divorce but you do not know exactly what to do, or where to start and you do not even know how to bring yourself to talk to your spouse about it, not to mention the kids. Hopefully the situation is not so bad at home that the process, should you [...]

How Effective Is Your Parenting Plan?

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Divorcing is challenging and time consuming and often times the parenting plan is left to “happen what may”, not by lack of genuine concern, but because it seems this at least should be ok. Divorcing parents think “we’ll do what’s best” without always realizing that the situation puts a different meaning on “best” than normal. [...]

How to Save Money on Your Divorce: Divorce Mediation

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On top of draining you emotionally, divorce can drain your finances and leave you in a precarious situation, unless you go for divorce mediation. A dramatic outcome is avoidable with a few precautions and by asking the right questions. Understand your situation Rather than wait until the divorce is almost finalized to see what you may [...]

Lawyers and Divorce Mediation: Do You Need Them?

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Not to take anything away from a legal advisor... During the process of divorce mediation, an attorney can bring expertise and experience to the table. Because lawyers are used to handling entire cases, they can be of great help in an amicable split. Mediation is becoming a popular solution to dissolution of marriage, and more [...]

Will Divorce Mediation Work for You?

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Does divorce mediation work for all separating couples? Mediation is the legal process allowing you to go through a separation and a divorce without litigation and without going to court. Besides the legal aspects (and in some cases necessity to go through Court proceedings), this solution may not fit your needs, expectations or the circumstances [...]

How to Ensure Positive Parenting Through Divorce

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Divorce is a very challenging time, not only for you but also for the whole family, especially your children and the most difficult part may be to keep parenting through divorce as positive as possible. As the emotions are flying high, the balance and self esteem of your children is at stake. The way the [...]

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