In divorce mediation, a mediator helps a couple resolve issues in their divorce. This method is less expensive than a traditional divorce and allows two people to settle their problems in a calm and neutral setting. A divorce mediator will help facilitate the dialogue and intervene if any arguments occur.

How do you know if divorce mediation is right for you?

Mediation in divorce has a lot of benefits, but it isn’t right for all couples. It’s important to evaluate the relationship between you and your spouse before deciding to mediate. Here are a few important factors that increase the likelihood of successful mediation:

The decision to divorce is mutual

If both you and your spouse feel that divorce is the right choice, you are more likely to work together peacefully on a settlement in mediation. You both know that the marriage is not meant to last and are more likely to cooperate with one another. If one of you, however, didn’t agree with the divorce, it would be more difficult for you two to agree on anything in mediation.

You want to stay on good terms

Not all spouses wish to have poor relationships with each other after a divorce. If you prefer to stay on good terms with your spouse, divorce mediation may be a good idea. You can avoid the stress and heartache of a long divorce proceedings and be more motivated to compromise.

There is no physical abuse in your marriage

A divorce mediation is more likely to go smoothly if there has never been physical violence in your marriage. You two will be more likely to keep your cool during the mediation process and come to an agreement.

You think your spouse is a good parent

If you believe your spouse is a good parent to your children, mediation might be the way to go. You can talk calmly about what will be best for your children after divorce. Instead of letting judges decide how often each parent can see the children, you can come to a fair agreement with your spouse.

When there are no critical matters involved in a divorce, no complicated financial element and division of assets is a clear cut; when neither spouse wants to engage in a lengthy battle (of wits) and agree on most terms (alimony, custody etc…), divorce mediation is the way to go. You still benefit from a comprehensive mediation plan, full advice on legal, financial and familial aspects but go through the process in a more peaceful way.

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