Not to take anything away from a legal advisor… During the process of divorce mediation, an attorney can bring expertise and experience to the table. Because lawyers are used to handling entire cases, they can be of great help in an amicable split. Mediation is becoming a popular solution to dissolution of marriage, and more and more attorneys join teams as legal advisors, coaches and consultants.

Why consult an attorney in divorce mediation ?

It is always a good idea and even a very wise move to consult an attorney before, during and sometimes after divorce mediation. A divorce lawyer will be able to:

  • Help select a mediator
  • Predict outcomes
  • Predict costs
  • Review agreements
  • Finalize court documents

Who says you have to choose one over the other?

You may even be able to have a lawyer in your divorce mediation team. Each team member brings their own perspective and expertise so that your case will be seen under all possible angles to make sure that there is no room left for errors. Even though your divorce mediation team is made of several experts gathered to put their experience to good use, the addition of a Divorce Attorney is not necessarily superfluous. You want all aspects of your case to go as smoothly as possible:

  • Financial analysts to ensure your assets are divided fairly
  • Therapist and Divorce Coach for the emotional aspect
  • Legal assistant¬†for the paperwork and documents
  • Attorneys for the legal aspects

Even though mediators are well versed in divorce and family laws, when you opt for divorce mediation as opposed to a traditional divorce, you and your soon to be ex spouse could still use the advice and expertise of an attorney, as a legal consultant.

Lawyers and divorce mediation are not mutually exclusive or incompatible. Consulting a divorce attorney during divorce mediation will help you go through the process armed with solid legal information which, added to the advice and support your mediation team, will give you even more confidence and assure you of the best outcome.


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