You are thinking a San Diego divorce mediation might be the best option for you,  knowing that in a traditional divorce things can get ugly and costly.  The parties involved are not focused on being fair, they are are trying to get even and want to get the most out of the dissolution of marriage. Maybe because of resentment or feeling of failure, most people lose track of what is important.

How do you define a fair dissolution of marriage in a San Diego divorce mediation ?

We have established that fair is usually not part of the divorce vocabulary but there are people who do not want to make things harder for themselves and their children or even to their soon to be ex spouse. Once you have decided that you didn’t want to take the ugly path but the higher road, how do you decide what is fair for everyone? Here is where divorce mediation comes into place.

Advantages of San Diego divorce mediation

  • The process is much more amicable.
  • It implies collaboration from both parties.
  • Because they are held in front of a mediator, the meetings are on neutral grounds.
  • Under the supervision of a neutral third party, you are more inclined to collaborate.
  • For all these reasons there will be less stress, anxiety and anger and the costs will be reduced considerably.

How to achieve fair dissolution

Even though fair is not necessarily 50/50, if you did not sign a prenuptial agreement (or a postnuptial for that matter), there is such a thing as Community of Property in California, with the clear rule that everything acquired after marriage belongs to both spouses and in case of dissolution the net value must be shared equally.

When going for a San Diego divorce mediation, you will need qualified mediators in finances and legal and counselors to guide you through the divorce and splitting of assets.

Your financial future will come into consideration. The distribution may be an even split for common property, but how you will sustain yourself and your children is equally important.
When you opt for San Diego divorce mediation as opposed to traditional divorce, you need to choose mediating partners who have the experience and expertise necessary to reach a fair dissolution of marriage in terms of finances and rights. You are looking for professionals who will draft an iron clad mediation agreement, will not take side under any circumstances and will be able to keep all parties engaged until “fair” is agreed upon on both sides.

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