Does divorce mediation work for all separating couples? Mediation is the legal process allowing you to go through a separation and a divorce without litigation and without going to court. Besides the legal aspects (and in some cases necessity to go through Court proceedings), this solution may not fit your needs, expectations or the circumstances of the separation.

How does divorce mediation work?

You are going through a separation and want to take legal steps towards a divorce. By choosing divorce mediation you are choosing a process that will:

  • Be cheaper than a traditional divorce.
  • Let you control the process.
  • Be tailored to your particular situation.
  • Keep you from court dates and meetings.

Allow you to get:

  • Financial advice to ensure your future well being and your children’s.
  • Coaching for yourself and your spouse.
  • Legal advice in order to take the best avenue possible.
  • Counseling for yourself and your children to avoid stress.
  • A neutral party and not an attorney working for one spouse against the other.

When does Divorce Mediation work best?

The words “divorce” and “perfect” do not go well together; nonetheless, the situations in which divorce mediation works best is when:

  • The decision is mutual and no reconciliation is possible.
  • Your financial situation is out in the open and there are no hidden assets.
  • Besides the marriage being over, your relationship with your spouse is not bitter.
  • Each parent trusts the other when it comes to parenting.

Those are the ideal components for divorce mediation to work. In other cases however, mediation may not be as efficient and is probably not the best option:

  • Violence
  • Drug or alcohol abuse
  • Hidden assets

If these problems are part of the equation, even though your mediator could set a system in place in order to protect all parties involved, divorce mediation may not work. Make an appointment and disclose any relationship problems, including restraining orders. A good reputable divorce mediation firm will have a team of experts including coaches and counselors who can help detect a volatile situation and take necessary steps to help you go through the separation in the best, safest way possible.

Even though your marriage is over your relationship with your soon to be ex is not, especially if you have children together. The fact that divorce mediation works is proven to be true more and more every day. There are ideal and less ideal situations in which mediation works differently but in many instances because there is a team of professionals whose goal is to get you through this step in your life in the best way possible, divorce mediation is one of the best options out there.


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