Divorce Services

Schedule your complimentary consultation for mediation or reach out with any questions before getting started.

Going Through A Divorce?

Whether the process has started or you are just contemplating divorce, matters need to be addressed: financial short and long term goals, parenting plan, paperwork or maybe, the possibility that the dissolution can be more peaceful via divorce mediation.

How We Can Help

Divorce Help Family Law has been created with you in mind, no matter where in the process of divorcing you find yourself. Our goal is to provide you with answers and information every step of the way and assist you in those unsettling times.

Contemplating Divorce

The notion that divorce might be the only way is scary and emotionally draining. We are able to take some of the unknown away by studying options that makes sense for you.

Financial Divorce Consultation

Are you currently working with an attorney or understand little or nothing about your division of assets, debts income relative to your divorce?

Divorce Mediation

Not all divorces need to go to court. You can save time, energy and money with our divorce mediation plans, tailored to your specific needs.


“I  thank you for your guidance and consultation. It made me feel very good about my situation and how to be prepared ( at least in theory) about the things to come.”
“The consultation really gave me the knowledge I needed and immediately I felt better. Thank you so very much for your help!”
“Your mediation services were top-notch. We felt safe and the advice and professionals involved in the process were so knowledgeable and informative. The cost was a fraction of what we would have paid with attorneys and the expertise in the individual areas was just what we needed!”