Don’t know where to turn?

70% of all divorce cases have at least one self-represented party

With the prospect of divorce come a myriad of questions and uncertainties.

Where to turn for legal advice and answers regarding court paperwork, finances, the future of theĀ children or what happens to the house is not easy. Divorce Help Family Law provides access to professionals so you can gain insight and go through the process with the information and assistance you need.

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Divorce Workshop

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Most people are paralyzed by the daunting process of divorce. Fear and confusion arise due to the lack of knowledge regarding how a divorce may affect finances, budgets, children and life in general. Most men and women wonder:

  • Will I be able to afford to keep the house?
  • How much money can I expect to receive in support?
  • Do I get half the business? The retirement assets? The debt?

Jo-Ann Little is a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst with extensive experience mediating divorces and working with individuals to negotiate divorce settlements. For more information, contact-us or call (619)-483-1576.

Legal Advice

Questions most often asked:

  • Should I be the petitioner?
  • What does Date of Separation mean?
  • Will I see my children 50% of the time? Will I get more than 50% custody?
  • What is community property? What is considered my separate property?

Divorce Help works with a number of consulting attorneys to help you make the best legal decisions for your family. Please contact us at or give us a call at 619-483-1576.

Divorce Workshops

Divorce comes with legal, financial and emotional issues. Beyond the need to have access to resources and information so you know what to expect, meeting with men and women going through the same challenges proves invaluable. At Second Saturday workshops you will meet

  • A Family Law Attorney
  • A Certified Divorce Financial Analyst
  • A Certified Parenting Plan Coordinator
  • Real Estate Professionals
  • A Legal Document Preparer

For information and to sign up for the next workshop, visit Second Saturday San Diego or call (619) 483-1576

The Kids

One of the difficult aspects of divorce, and sometimes the most painful, concerns the kids. From custody to visitation arrangements, questions arise and need answers sooner rather than later.

  • What is an appropriate custody schedule for kids at certain ages?
  • If we need to change our child custody schedule, how do we do that?
  • What if I want to take my child on an extended vacation?

If you are experiencing challenges with your co-parent, contact Divorce Help at or give us a call at 619-483-1576 for more information.