Considering Divorce Mediation?

25% of adults experience at least 1 divorce in their lifetime

Have you both decided you want to reach an agreement through divorce mediation instead of battling it out with attorneys? Do you need some guidance as to what that agreement should look like? Are there children involved, so developing a Parenting Plan that works best for them is important? Is maintaining an amicable relationship with your spouse a priority?

Whether you have multiple, complicated financial holdings that have to be discussed, or just want help with one or two issues, we tailor our mediation packages to fit your situation.


Aspects of Divorce Mediation

The divorce mediation process is not unlike traditional divorce in the matters that need to be discussed and agreed upon. The difference is it happens in a more civil manner.

You will meet with a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst to discuss financial issues, to classify the assets or debts as community or separate, determine the value, and divide the property in a way that keeps you as financially whole as possible. You will also have a meeting with an attorney to discuss the legal aspects of your agreement.

If you have children, you will have time scheduled with a Parenting Plan Coordinator. The Parenting Plan Coordinator is specially trained in mediating custody agreements, and understands the developmental needs of children at different ages while going through a divorce. The PPC will help you and your spouse develop a child custody schedule that works best for your family and provides the best environment for success for your children.

How We Help

Divorce Help proposes “pay-as-you-go” divorce mediation plans. You pay for the paperwork and the mediation hours as you need them, so you always know exactly how much it will cost, and exactly what you are paying for. This is different from a retainer agreement that works like a down payment from which hourly fees are deducted.  In retainer cases, the money can run out at any time and more will be required before your case can be completed.

Working with a certified divorce financial analyst is a guarantee that the decisions you reach make financial sense. A divorce attorney is not required to have any knowledge of the implications of dividing assets. Our divorce mediation plan includes a session with both analyst and attorney present, so your legal and certified financial bases are covered.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will mediating be less expensive that retaining an attorney?

According to the Sacramento Press, in regards to litigated cases involving attorneys, “the average spent on legal fees for a divorce is well over $18,000 per spouse. For couples with more assets, or more issues to sort out during the divorce, attorney’s fees can run into tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars per spouse.” Our complete divorce mediation packages, through judgment, cost between $2,000 and $7,000 total.

If mediation doesn’t work, then what?

If at any time you feel that mediation is not working for you, you are free to retain an attorney and litigate your case. We find that it is much easier to start with divorce mediation, and then litigate if an agreement cannot be reached than start with litigation and then try to mediate.

Will you prepare the court paperwork or do we need to do it ourselves?

We handle all of the drafting, filing, and serving of the necessary court paperwork.

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