Financial Divorce Consultation

Divorce is an expensive endeavor especially if it is contentious or if you are not sure of what you’re entitled to regarding your settlement. The average cost of a divorce per person in Southern California is $30,000. If you are involved in a contentious divorce with conflict over assets, debts, income, and child custody a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst may be able to help you better understand the best way to divide your assets, debts and income. This can result in a lower cost overall for your divorce since you will be educated and equipped to understand and negotiate your own settlement without being kept behind the scenes and wracking up large legal bills with your attorney.

How We Help

A CDFA stands for certified divorce financial analyst. A CDFA can help you understand your settlement options with regard to taxes, estate planning and retirement issues. While community property in California is often 50/50 it does not mean that every asset that is deemed community needs to be split 50/50.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I know exactly what I am being charged for?
Yes, we work on a flat fee, not a retainer, so you always know exactly how much it will cost.

How can a financial divorce consultation help me?
Our financial divorce consultation will help you understand the most likely outcome in the event of a divorce to legal separation. During the consultation you will be empowered to understand how your assets septs and income would be divided.

Can you help me understand Child Custody and Support options?
Yes, if you have children you will have time included to meet with a Parenting Plan Coordinator to discuss different custody options, and how to make the transition as easy on your children as possible. You will also discuss support scenarios and options with the CDFA.

Will you help me create an offer to present to my spouse?
Yes. The divorce consultation service includes helping you to formulate an offer that works for you to send to your spouse. If accepted, the terms can be drafted into your Marital Settlement Agreement.

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