Thinking About Divorce?

41% of first marriages in America end in divorce

Contemplating divorce is acknowledging something is not quite right in your marriage though bearing the hope that it can be fixed. Reaching that stage is gut wrenching as it equates to a sense of loss, generates angst and maybe guilt.

Knowing or suspecting your spouse is contemplating divorce is just as damaging emotionally, with even less “visibility”.

Either way, the eventuality of a separation or dissolution has made its way to your mind. You are uncertain of what to do to and who to turn to and have more questions than answers and less certitudes than ever before. Is it the fear of the unknown that is holding you back from honestly looking at your situation? Are you concerned about finances, children and confronting your spouse? Are you wondering what your recourse is in case your spouse files? Or just how the conversation should go about it?

contemplating divorce

Divorce Workshop

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Contemplating Divorce Stage

Most people are paralyzed by the thought of divorce: the emotional challenges, the short term and long term financial consequences, the process itself…  Not knowing how a divorce may affect finances and budgets, children and life in general is source of much confusion and fear.

Like most people when it comes to divorcing, you wonder how you will be able to afford to keep the house; how much money you can expect to receive in support; how business assets, retirement funds, debts will be divided. Is divorce about half of everything, including how much time you get to spend with your children?

And how do you go about the process? Should you be the petitioner?  What happens next? And so many other questions that you feel you’re running everywhere to get answers.

How We Help

Knowledge is power. Before you go ahead and change your life forever, take the time to get answers. A pre-divorce preparation session with us will help you get a clearer understanding of your options and help you decide what route is best for you. Should you choose to go through, we’ll establish a plan, including a consultation with an analyst to study the assets, debts and business interests of the community and shed light on some likely scenarios. With you, based on your needs and options for the future, we discuss matters of spousal support and child support. By giving you information, providing answers and possible strategies, we help you make a decision.

Divorce Help Family Law is about making sure you go from the darkness of contemplating divorce to the light of knowing what you want to do.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect from this meeting?

If you are contemplating divorce, the first meeting is about outlining options. When/if you decide you want a divorce, we schedule a session that will give you a better understanding of what your financial house would likely look like in a divorce or separation.

We will tell you what you can expect in the divorce process.

You will get assistance in developing your budget, and what it may cost you to live as a separate household, with an clearer view of  what type of resource you may need specific to your financial and legal situation.

You will gain insight on how child support and spousal support work.

We will present you with the options on how to divorce or separate.

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