Be Like A Weed

While I was out in the yard this weekend trying to rid my rock bed and perfectly manicured artificial turf of the pesky weeds that grow up after the rains I thought to myself, “Wow, against all odds these weeds find a way to survive and come to the surface.”

That gave me a thought. Why aren’t we (human beings) more like weeds?  When life gives us challenges and blocks our paths, covers up our sunshine, staves us of the very nutrients we need to grow and flourish we should be like the weed.  We should be pushing forward, finding the light at the end of the dirt; bound and determined to survive and flourish no matter what the odds are.

Divorce is certainly one of those challenging life situations that can cause us to feel “de-rooted”, starved of the very things we have spent a lifetime building. But, we need to be a weed. Strong and resilient,  ready to find the sunshine we need to carry on even when we are pulled from our very core.

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