27 10, 2016

Who Should Keep the House in the Divorce?

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It’s sad to say, but in today’s world, many marriages end in separation, resulting in the fact that someone will usually end up keeping the house in the divorce. And whether or not you think you currently want the house, or are considering giving it up, you really need to think about your end game [...]

18 08, 2016

Divorce: When Do We Divide the Retirement Fund?

By |2019-08-22T21:33:40-07:00August 18th, 2016|DIVORCE FINANCES|0 Comments

If you’re going through or planning on a divorce, it’s important to ensure the separation or sharing of all assets involved is handled smoothly and fairly, and when the time comes to divide the retirement fund, this is especially true. In the later years, income and opportunities may be harder to come by, and as [...]

12 08, 2016

5 Ways A Divorce Financial Planner Can Save Your Future

By |2019-08-22T21:33:40-07:00August 12th, 2016|DIVORCE FINANCES|0 Comments

Chances are, if you’re going through a divorce, or thinking about getting one, you’re dealing with enough emotional stress, so it’s important to acquire the services of a divorce financial planner to take as much of the hassle out of the divorce process as possible. Not convinced? Here are five reasons to consider a divorce [...]

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