If you are having trouble getting past your divorce fears, you are not alone. Many people stay in troubled marriages because they are too afraid to let go and get on with their lives. However, this can add years of misery to your life. There are many challenges coming with a divorce, but remaining in a marriage you are unhappy with can have worse consequences.

What are common divorce fears?

Whether getting divorced is a mutual decision or not, it’s normal to feel scared. One of the most common fears of divorce is being alone. When you have been married to the same person for years, the thought of living by yourself can cause a lot of discomfort. It’s important to realize, however, that living on your own doesn’t mean you have to be lonely. You still have your family and close friends that you can see regularly. In fact, you can be even lonelier if you are stuck in an unhappy marriage.

If you make considerably less money than your spouse, you may also be afraid of ending up destitute. You may wonder what will happen if you don’t receive the alimony or child support you need to pay your bills. And you wonder if you should keep the house, or even if you could…

A divorce can also lead to so much grief and heartache that you may think you will never be happy again. You must remember that time heals all wounds and that true happiness comes from within. Once you start loving yourself and doing things that you enjoy, you will find more joy in your life.

Tips for overcoming your fears

Get answers to your main concerns: One of the best ways to eliminate most of the anxiety is to get straight answers to your questions. Attend a divorce workshop with professionals of family law, financial planning and real estate brokers. It will also help you make a step toward a decision, whichever it may be.

Use positive self-talk: When you are about to go through something as tough as a divorce, positive self-talk is everything. Instead of filling your head with negative thoughts, like “I’ll never be happy after my divorce” or “This divorce will financially ruin me,” say positive things to yourself. If you constantly tell yourself that you will get through this difficult ordeal and live your life to the fullest, happiness can become a reality.

Set goals: It can be very difficult to get past the challenges of divorce if you don’t have any goals. Determining what your goals are and taking the steps to reach them can help you become a happier and stronger person. For example, you could set a goal to go back to school and get a degree. Never give up on your goals, no matter how impossible they might seem at first.

Take good care of your body: If you don’t have a strong and healthy body, you will have a tough time conquering your divorce fears. While you are going through a divorce, it’s especially important to eat nutritious foods, exercise regularly and get enough sleep. Taking proper care of your body will give you the strength to get through your divorce and get on with your life.

While perfectly natural to experience the whirlwind of thoughts and uncertainties that pave the divorce journey, there are also reasons to not be scared. Divorce fears come and go. Keep the big picture in mind: a new chapter of your life is about to begin, and you will be the one writing it.

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